Program Description

Cary Hot Yoga is proud to present a comprehensive Aerial Yoga Teacher training program for existing Aerial Yoga Students.

Our program consists of three phases:

Phase I

Aerial Yoga Proficiency

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Gaining experience practicing Aerial Yoga. Complete a minimum of 20 hours Aerial yoga class training and practice at Cary Hot Yoga.
Aerial yoga is a combination of the art of aerial silks and the classic practice of yoga. Our regular yoga practice is often so confined to solitude; the small island of our yoga mats where there is a tendency to take asana too seriously. Aerial yoga takes everything we land-yogis know about mind-body awareness and throws it out the window. And yes, going upside down with little to no control of your body in space is terrifying… but the small adrenaline rush that comes with it makes it all worth while.

Aerial practice requires students to engage fully with the pose and use their core in ways they may not have previously imagined were possible. In some poses, when gravity is removed from the equation, different muscles are used sometimes with more intensity than they would otherwise.

Many students may come to aerial yoga because they’ve struggled on the mat and have even sustained injury to their shoulders, wrists, or spine. The weightlessness of an aerial practice provides extra support, liberating a student from any modifications they may have had to practice on the ground.

Phase I will allow you to explore different yoga postures on the ground as well as in the air with the hammock.

Phase II

Aerial Yoga Instructor Training.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
Cary Hot Yoga’s Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program is a comprehensive 8-day (40 hour) training designed for current yoga students that teaches the how and why of integrating the aerial yoga hammock into their current yoga knowledge. It may be used as continuing education for current yoga instructors, whether or not you have interest in teaching aerial yoga. Cary Hot Yoga’s Aerial Yoga uses the aerial hammock as a tool to explore and inform floor asanas, and in this program we will examine over 100 different postures and how the floor and air postures inspire each other. You will also learn how to put together an aerial yoga class, safety and spotting techniques, rigging for aerial yoga, and how to work with a variety of populations.

2018 Training Schedule

Nov 1, 2, 3, 4
Nov 8, 9, 10, 11

Hours: Thu, Fri 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Sat 12:00pm – 7:00pm
Sun 8:00am – 2:00pm

Phase III

Internship Teaching at Cary Hot Yoga
Completing 10 hours internship at Cary Hot Yoga. Gaining teaching experience in real class environment.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

The Course Break Down

How to create a class sequence that is balanced and logical
· Learning aerial yoga moves with focus on key engagements and proper alignment
· Aerial Yoga moves and their purposes – hip openers, forward folds, backbends, inversions
· Restorative versus Strengthening poses in aerial classes
· Conditioning work using aerial apparatus
· Engaging proper muscles, strengthening and stretching in a safe range of movement
· How to balance a multi-level class.
· How to cue and offer modifications.
· How and when to assist.
· Assisting in classes.
· 5 hours of aerial yoga classes and observations (included in tuition).
· How to rig and maintain equipment.
· Peer teaching and feedback.
· Applied anatomy.
· Safety.
· Teaching 5 Aerial Yoga classes with supervision and feedback.
· Sequence writing.
· Personal Practice and Self Reflection


$75 non-refundable application fee
$150 non-refundable, non-transferable to another person or training date DEPOSIT to hold your spot

Phase I – Single Class/Class Pass or Cary Hot Yoga regular membership OR complete the application and Deposit to hold your spot for training and receive 10% discount on your class pass.
Must register and log your classes.

Phase II

$1500 early bird fee must be paid in full 1 month before initial start date.
$1800 late fee after the one month mark.


$400 cancellation fee if made one month prior to start date
$600 cancellation fee if made within a month of start date

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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
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