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Discover an expressive and playful way to work out on “silk” hammocks. Elevate your heart rate in a playful way and deepen your body connection through dynamic movement, hammock tricks, and conditioning. Develop arm and core strength, coordination, and grace.
While you may recognize a few aerial yoga ‘shapes’ in class, the approach and experience of this class is very different. Aerial Yoga creates a meditative experience by using gravity and breath to release in to postures. In contrast, Aerial Play & Fitness is rooted in joint-freeing and circus conditioning. The class format is far more active and dynamic. Learn to maneuver though the fabric smoothly, manage energy, and awaken deep core muscles!

Please wear fitted pants that cover the back of knees. BRING a cardigan or hoodie that can cover your underarms when needed. No jewelry or metal on clothing that may snag the fabric. Not for those with glaucoma, heart condition, spinal injuries, unmedicated high blood pressure, or who are pregnant. Do not eat at least 1.5 hours before class!
If you are unsure about your fitness level, the best place to start is an aerial yoga class to acclimate to the fabric, and then you can progress to aerial play & fitness.

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12 Spots Available
Every Thursday from 7:10PM to 8:10PM
Must arrive by 7PM for fitting

Cost: $25 Pre-register


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