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If you are a Bikram Yoga practitioner, you know when you hear “Spine Strengthening Series”.  However, for the non-Bikram Yogis, here’s a recap.  The Spine Strengthening Series is part of Bikram’s Beginning (Hatha) Yoga Series and includes the following postures (or asanas):
1. Cobra Pose
2. Locust Pose
3. Full Locust Pose
4. Bow Pose

You either love them or hate them….but here’s why you need to DO them! 

New research has shown that spinal extension often decreases symptoms of lower back and leg pain often caused by a herniated or bulging disc (which creates pressure on nerve roots causing pain radiating down the buttocks and legs).

These four postures all include elements of spinal extension – or back bending – by lifting the lower extremities (legs), the upper extremities (arms, shoulders), or both.

How does spinal extension help lower back pain? It may seem counter-intuitive, since we associate spinal extension negatively with “scrunching” or compressing the lower back.

But consider that when vertebral discs bulge out, they often bulge backward (posteriorly). Spinal extension wedges open the front of the disc and allows the disc fluid to resettle into its normal forward position. This helps push the disc back into its original position and can diminish the intensity or extent of lower back or leg symptoms.
These postures all help stabilize and strengthen your core abdominal and lower back muscles through the contraction of your paraspinal muscles that support either side of your spine.  This helps prevent future injuries.


There are several advantages of resorting to Bikram Yoga for treating back related problems. Some of them are

  • Back pain is usually caused due to rigidity and weakness of muscles. Bikram Yoga, also known as ‘Hot Yoga’ relaxes the muscles and strengthens the ones supporting the hips and shoulders, providing relief to backaches
  • Bikram Yoga is particularly suitable in cases of herniated discs which cause major lower back problems. Some of these poses have miraculous effects in such cases and can be a better alternative to long-term medications
  • Sciatica pains, which are primarily nerve oriented problems, can also be soothed substantially with Bikram Yoga sessions. Sciatica pains worsen during the emotional turbulence of any kind, and it is then that Bikram Yoga helps you gain control over your emotions so that such aggravated pains can be controlled
  • Sometimes, women experience chronic lower back aches that may worsen during premenstrual symptoms. Bikram Yoga can be useful in such cases as well. It helps in relaxing muscles and flushing of toxins from the body, facilitating painless and free movement of the body.
  • Could yoga actually help with scoliosis pain?

    Scoliosis, one of the more severe causes of back pain, could actually find some relief with yoga.

    In 2014, researchers from Columbia University set to find out if a simple pose like vasisthasana (side plank) could help treat idiopathic C-curve scoliosis. Idiopathic conditions are those with no discernible cause, and a C-curve indicates that the spine is curving sideways in one direction (as opposed to S-curve, when the spine takes that shape). Twenty-five patients with C-curves between six and 120 degrees were taught side plank and instructed to hold that pose daily for as long as they could. Radiographs to measure the curvature were taken three to 22 months later to measure any change.

    Love them or hate them, the postures of the Spine Strengthening Series are one of the best things you can do to maintain a lovely, healthy back!

    Bikram Yoga is considered very beneficial to cure back pain. For back pain, it is not only considered safe but advantageous too. By practicing Bikram yoga twice a week, one can experience noticeable improvements. The combination of heat and humidity also helps the body to perform deeper stretches without discomfort.

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