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Student of the Month

The love and support of our students creates the foundation of our sacred space here at Cary Hot Yoga.
Each month we will honor one of our wonderful students by sharing their passion for yoga with you.

You could be next!

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July 2017, James Richardson

yoga july 2017 student of the month
James M Richardson is a private wealth advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services. James has 26 years of experience and wide range of knowledge and commitment to help clients navigate their road to retirement. James applies the same experience and commitment to his yoga practice at Cary Hot Yoga. James inspires other students and even teachers with his dedication and growth over this last year.

James has diligently fits his yoga practice into his life on a regular basis and it has paid off. Since last year, James started practicing the Ghosh’s Intermediate level and found his fountain of youth! If you really want to know your true age don’t look at your birth date, or your reflection in a mirror, instead gauge it on the flexibility of your spine! In yoga age is measured not in chronological years but with the saying: You’re only as young as your inner yogi. And the best part is, you are never too old to start!

So if the years are encouraging you to reach for the potions and pills, you don’t look too closely at yourself in the mirror anymore, and it feels like your body is beginning to wonder… now is the time to re-start of begin your yoga practice.

Yoga keeps you young in the only way that matters: young on the inside. When you’re young on the inside, meaning healthy organs, healthy joints, healthy nervous system, and most importantly a healthy outlook, you will also look young on the outside – You glow from the inside out. You embrace every new day with wondrous expectation. You jump out of bed happy for the day to begin. You often laugh out loud and see life with a childlike wonder. It is the way you LOOK at the world.

You can meet James at Cary Hot Yoga’s Intermediate Class each week!

June 2017, Leigh Ann

yoga May 2017 student of the month
Yoga was introduced to me in my childhood as a way to relax, calm down, and sleep well. I remember doing Rodney Yee’s VHS tapes at as young as 10 years old. After trying a variety of yoga classes over the years, I stumbled into my first Bikram class probably sometime in 2009. It was hot, it was hard, and I definitely thought I wasn’t going to make it out alive. I can’t say it was love at first sight but I was definitely intrigued. I thought that anything that made me sweat that much had to be good.I felt like it was just what I needed.
Mentally and physically. I moved to NYC that year to start grad school and NYC was full of Bikram studios. You could find a class at every hour of the day. Eventually, I found myself going everyday and completing 30 day, then 90 day challenges. I was hooked!

Today, I still consistently practice Bikram method at Cary Hot Yoga. I love the CHY community of yogis but my favorite thing about the studio is how clean it is. This is the only hot yoga studio I’ve practiced at without at that “hot yoga smell”. You can find me in the hot room at least 4 times a week. Maintaining a consistent Bikram practice has brought both physical and mental health benefits to my life. Those benefits include weight loss, building strength, toning of muscles, increased endurance and flexibility, increased energy, and overall general sense of well being, happiness, and confidence. Any insecurities or body image issues I have had I have been forced to look by accident. Staring at yourself in front and side mirrors in minimal clothing for 90 minutes will do that. This is what I love about Bikram. Although the sequence remains the same, I continue to find ways to go deeper not only in the posture but within myself. This is my 90 minutes of mindfulness, a moving meditation. It has allowed me to really find and embrace my true self.

My favorite posture is really anything with a deep backbend. The first backbend in the half moon series and camel are definitely two postures I love. Back bending feels so good. The most challenging postures for me are triangle and toe stand. In triangle I am still working on the proper set up, alignment, and not over twisting or collapsing. As for toe-stand, finding my balance has been quite the challenge. My advice for new students is drink lots of water the day before and the day of the class. Also don’t give up, keep coming back (consistency is key) and try not to compare yourself to the others in the room. This is your yoga practice not a competition.

Off the mat I work as a LCSW in Duke’s emergency room. When I’m not working I’m enjoying the company of my partner, Matt, and my wonderful friends and family. You can find me hiking the trails at Bond park, Umstead and out in Western NC. My other hobbies include traveling, cooking, re-purposing/re-upholstering old furniture and other Pinterest projects, window gardening, reading, and streaming a good Netflix or Amazon show.

I look forward to seeing everyone in the hot room soon, namaste.

May 2017, Suzzie

yoga May 2017 student of the month
I started practicing hot yoga in 2007. I had 2 adorable little kids at home but I needed a mental and physical outlet – and Bikram Yoga Richmond was right across the street from our house! I’d been a runner and triathlete in the past but hot yoga was it for me – I immediately fell in love with the practice. I’ve tried different yoga styles over the years but I’ve recently come back to Bikram – it’s kinder to my body as I get older and adjust to some arthritis issues. After all these years, Half Tortoise is still my most challenging pose (one day my forehead will touch the floor – I just know it!) And Rabbit is my favorite – just because it feels so good after Camel.

I try to get to yoga at least 3-4 times a week. It makes me feel good/better/great every single time. I love Cary Hot Yoga because it’s GORGEOUS, spacious, and just the right temperature. The hot pilates and bikram classes are my favorite but my daughter and I also like Family aerial yoga. When I’m not at the studio, I’m spending time with my amazing family, doing my job (software test engineer), reading, or working outside in the yard. Life is good.

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