Hi There! My name is Emlyn. Think of me as the woman who traded in her business suit + heels for yoga pants + a life of travel – backpacking solo around the world for the past two years.

Without a plan in my pocket or a calendar to follow, I decided to lead myself into the unknown with an open kind heart, full of trust and compassion. This has lead me to countless countries and experiences I could have never in my wildest dreams imagined. From working on a mushroom farm in a rural town in Ecuador to silent meditations in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. Miraculously along the way, I began to see the silver lining in the two contrasting realities – which in a beautiful way had more in common than one would think.

I was able to experience the power of simply being. This bliss of presence in being is what I cultivate on the mat. Yoga to me is being in a state of flow. The union of awareness and focus with movement and breath.

My journey with yoga began my senior year at UNCW, where I studied both Psychology and Biology, back in 2014 during a time of much needed self-reflection and really just a calling to go inward (though I had no idea what that meant at the time.) I began taking classes even though I had close to 0 flexibility. Regardless of whether or not I could touch my toes (which I couldn’t) there was just something there, on that mat…you know. Something about the space between in the silence – between the poses, between each breath, between my thoughts and the postures. There was magic there.

These summating experiences ultimately led me to Cubuya, Costa Rica in January 2018 where I completed my 200 hr training at the Lakshmi RIsing School of Yoga. After cultivating my own practice I had decided to extend my time there living in the jungle on a 40 acre nature reserve for an additional 5 months, diving deeper and deeper into my own practice.

As a teacher (and forever a student) I offer dynamic juicy flows, centered around conscious movement as a gateway to explore to the sacred space in between to allow ourSelves to surrender and connect within. I look forward to seeing you in the studio!


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