Creative Yogis where Asana + Art Collide

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Yogis share the yoga they practice in front of public art.

“This is the Southbank Centre in London. As an 
academic and yoga teacher, I divide my time between my books and my mat. For me, it’s the perfect split.” – Zeynep Gurtin, London, England

“It took me about 10 attempts to nail a Handstand while in Nice, France, on the French Riviera. It’s where the wine never stops and the views are to die for—
a perfect spot.” –Erin Motz (@erinmotz),
Tampa, Florida

“I ...

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4 Steps for Shoulder Stability in Weight-Bearing Yoga Poses

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1. Standing with your arms out in front of you, hug the head of the arm bone down and horizontally in to the shoulder socket, engaging the subscapularis, or front rotator cuff, which can be felt in the armpit.
2. Keeping the head of the arm bones hugging into their sockets, press forward through the arms and hands, engaging the teeth-like serratus along your ribs.
3. Keeping the first two actions engaged, isometrically hug the hands toward one ...

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