Program Description

Cary Hot Yoga is proud to present our Beginner Ghosh Hot Yoga Teacher Training.
Through this training, you will acquire the necessary foundation, knowledge and skills to teach a traditional hot Hatha yoga class comprised of the classic 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises – widely known as Bikram yoga – to all levels of yoga practitioner. The course is designed with two primary goals in mind: giving participants the skills to become a confident, effective teacher in any setting, and supporting the continued development of your personal practice.

The course spans three months with eight weekends, and includes discussion and practice of teaching techniques related to classic Hatha yoga postures and breathing exercises, a specialized look at both anatomy and energy anatomy, an introduction to yoga philosophy, and a special emphasis on speech, voice communications, and techniques of honing your skills to become passionate and effective yoga teacher. This schedule is perfect for the summer. Whether you want to pursue a yoga teaching career or just want to enrich your yoga knowledge, you won’t have to put your life on hold to pursue this training program. This yoga teacher training and immersion program is a journey of self-study and practice — an exploration of your own thoughts, emotions and world views. And as you cultivate that inner awareness, you will come to see that only by living in the heart can we truly thrive in work, play, relationships; as a student, and as a teacher.

Course Description

Topics covered in the 200 hour level program meet or exceed all the required standards set forth by US Yoga Alliances in the areas of:

Techniques: the guided practice of, an analytical training in traditional yoga techniques, including yoga asana, pranayama, chanting, mantra, and meditation.

Teaching Methodology: principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, and business aspects of teaching yoga.

Anatomy and Physiology: both human physical anatomy and physiology (bodily systems of bone, muscle, organs, etc) as well as energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, meridians, etc).

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics for Yoga Teachers.

Practicum: actual practice teaching, giving and receiving feedback and observing others teaching.

As a Trainee, you can expect

* Eight weekends of classroom time, Saturday and Sunday 8am – 6pm.
* Detailed discussion of each posture and how to teach it – proper technique, breathing, and sequencing of instructions.
* Instructions in learning to “see” your students – proper alignment, adjustments and appropriate modifications.
* Anatomy and physiology related to the postures.
* An introduction to yoga philosophy and teacher ethics.
* Special instruction in speech and voice communication.
* Full preparation to teach a 90 minute traditional hot Hatha yoga class.

Graduation Requirements

* 100% attendance
* Be on time and prepared to actively participate in all training sessions.
* Practice 5x/week at Cary Hot Yoga: 3 weekday classes, and mandatory attendance in the morning Saturday/Sunday classes.
* Maintain a safe space for teaching and practicing yoga for all participants – professional behavior and ethical conduct are expected.
* Demonstrate thorough understanding of all material, including any homework assignments and assigned outside reading.
* Demonstrate teaching competency and proficiency at the end of the course.

2018 Summer Training Schedule

Eight weekends in three month. Meeting time 8:00am to 6:00pm Saturdays and Sundays (and Friday of the first week)
hot26 teacher training
The core training takes place over 8 intensive weekends at our Cary Hot Yoga Studio. Classes begin at 8:00am and go until 6:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Weekends include practice, lectures, discussions, coaching demonstration, group activities, dialogue clinics and practice.
In addition, trainees also recommend to attend two postures clinics (one for standing series and one for floor series) will be schedule mid way through and toward the end of the training.


$200 Application Fee goes toward tuition.
Tuition for the course is $3200 If Application is received and approved before March 30th, 2018
The tuition is $3700 If Application is received and approved after March 30th, 2018

2018 limit to only 15 participants!

Purchase of required books and materials are the responsibility of the participant. Additional materials created by Cary Hot Yoga are provided as part of the course and are included in tuition.

Please note all fees must be paid in full one week prior to the training starting date of May 18, 2018.

Fees may be paid with cash, check or using a credit card. If paying online by credit card, click on Register Button below. You may create an account (or use your existing account) by clicking on the Log in link, and follow the prompts to Online Store, where you will find the appropriate payment options. Please note that Cary Hot Yoga prefers payment by cash or check.


We recommend that applicants have a minimum of one year of yoga practice experience in the traditional hot/Bikram method; exceptions may be made on an individual basis with consideration of unique experience.

Cary Hot Yoga considers and applicant to be enrolled as a trainee when they meet the following criteria:
1. Submits the application. To download an application, click HERE.
2. Schedule phone or in studio interview.
3. Submits a color photo jpeg or tiff by email.
4. Submits a signed enrollment agreement (Obtain in Studio)
5. Remits the non-refundable/non-transferable tuition deposit of $200 and makes satisfactory arrangements for payment of tuition and other fees

The application process includes either an in-person or a phone interview with Cary Hot Yoga’s owner and director Hoa Bui. Completed applications can be emailed to subject line Teacher Training Application. Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted via email both to confirm receipt of the application and to set a time for the interview.

Then you can register online or in-person.
To register online or make complete payment online, click on button below.


Would you like to be considered for our 2018 Summer Training class?

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2018 limit to only 12 participants! Contact us now!


Cary Hot Yoga was founded on the principle that we can create positive change in the world through the practice of yoga. Our Hot YogaTeacher Training Program strives to amplify our vision for peace and goodwill, and with that our goal is to provide opportunities to people that deserve a chance to be recognized and celebrated.

Our scholarships are intended to support dedicated yoga practitioners who aspire to advance their practice through yoga teacher training, and intend to share the practice within the Cary community, but have limited financial means.
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