Yoga special

Yoga means differently to different people and caters to a variety of beliefs, religions, school of thoughts. A flexible and an ideal practice of health and wellness, Yoga is both ancient and modern, it is both a destination and a journey. It is for the pupil and for the teacher. This universal acceptability and adaptability of yoga, has led us to help students suffering from financial limitations. Each training session, Cary Hot Yoga will offer full scholarship and internship for individuals who are in financial need and would like an external help to fulfill their dreams of learning and teaching yoga.

Our scholarships are about finding the bright sparks within our communities that have an existing and/or have a strong intent on humanitarian work. Yoga practitioners who have a deeply ingrained calling for service and those who are passionate about helping others. If you have a regular yoga practice, keen on using yoga in relation to community support and believe that you have the maturity to be a pillar of support; read on.


This is a grant based on good merit. It is open to individuals that have a regular yoga practice, ready to take the next step into teaching yoga and have a strong inclination towards social work.

The intention of this grant is to put fourth passionate and experienced yoga practitioner/s into a role of teaching and leadership. It is not open to practitioners & yoga teachers who have previously completed one or more teacher training courses.


• Proof income of less than $15K for the 2017
• Regular practice of minimum of 3 yoga classes per week on a regular basis
• A willingness to fulfill Post-Training Internship commitment with Cary Hot Yoga
• A willingness to fulfill Post –Training teaching commitment with Cary Hot Yoga


Pass it On – Upon successful graduation from the teacher training program, the candidate is committed to :

• Teach a minimum of 60 free yoga classes at the Cary Hot Yoga. Classes are to be taught at regular intervals and with a pre-determined time frame including weekends. This is approximately a 3-4 month commitment.


• A minimum of one year teaching commitment at Cary Hot Yoga for a minimum of 4 classes per week including weekends.


Please submit along with your complete application
• Letter expressing why you need a scholarship. ( No more than 700 words please.)
• 3 photos of the following postures: Standing Head-to-Knee, Backward Bending, and Triangle.
• Proof of earning less than 15k a year.
• Download and sign the Post-Training Internship and Post Training Teaching Commitment. (Download Here)

You will receive a receipt of your submission with a time estimation on when you will be notified of your application status for your particular training course selected.
Candidates chosen for the next round will be contacted to either provide additional information or to arrange for a one-one-one interview.

The successful candidate(s) will receive a confirmation email on their scholarship award and will be formally enrolled into the training program. Scholarships are awarded out at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the course to allow for sufficient time to make your necessary arrangements.


Application for Teacher Training and Scholarship application must be received by March 16th, 2018.


Aside from the obvious benefits of getting a scholarship grant ( ! ) the post-training teaching commitment allows the candidate to start teaching yoga soon after the completion of their yoga teacher training program. This is sometimes not the case and much gets forgotten after a course. The successful candidate

• gives back to the community – karma yoga
• has access to feedback and mentorship
• develop familiarity and ease teaching yoga
• gain valuable teaching experience

The benefits to this scheme are multifold. Yes, it can be a win-win for everyone.