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May is a season of new growth. New growths are seen in our gardens, in our families and in our community. I hope May will mark the ways in which you’ve grown, personally or even in your practice of yoga.

The month of May traditionally signifies a season of commemorating milestones in our lives – we celebrate Mother’s Day at the beginning of the month and those who have left us at the end. Many celebrate achievements and next steps with graduations, and some will mark new chapters as young love marries and begins new growth.

While the excitement of change and growth bursts forth in May, don’t look past the energy that goes into producing such “fruit” in our lives. As you taste these milestones, don’t forget to be fully present and enjoy it!

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I’m excited to officially introduce four new teachers to our growing community: Velissa and Lise for Bikram Beginner Series and Jaime and Jessica for Vinyasa Flow.

Velissa and Lise have been trained diligently with me for the past eight months for Bikram Beginner Series. Velissa started her Yoga journey a decade ago. She has so much knowledge to share with fellow students. Her teaching style is gentle, introspective, yet precise and focus on alignment. Her classes embrace the interconnectedness of body, mind, and breath. Her foremost goal is to share the practice in a way that is accessible to all: to meet people where they are, as they are.

Lise is originated from France. If you’re looking for a strong and synchronized yoga experience, then you will love Lise’s class. Just when your face is scrunched up, you feel out of breath, and you want to give up, Lise will hit you with another dose of positivity to keep you going! With Lise, you will feel a genuine desire to give your best effort in class. When you give your best effort in class, you get the best results in your life!

As yoga grows more popular as a way to keep healthy in body, mind, and spirit, it is not surprising that we see real differences in yoga styles and teachers. Difference is really wonderful because we learn best from seeing difference. Difference is how we distinguish one thing from another. Difference asks us to be aware of ourselves and others in new ways. Through difference, we can discern where our needs can best be met.

I’m excited to add two more Vinyasa Flow classes lead by two new teachers: Jaime and Jessica graduated with 200 hours teacher training in Vinyasa Flow. You can catch Jessica class on Wednesday from 6:05pm to 6:55pm (a 50 minutes Flow) and Jaime on Sunday from 5pm to 6pm. Also, don’t forget Angela’s classes on Friday from 6:30pm for Feel Good Friday Flow.

We are so fortunate to have a team of wonderful teachers here at Cary Hot Yoga. Be sure to catch Dea for various Bikram and Restorative Aerial Yoga classes, Rachel for Aerial Yoga classes and Amber for Ashtanga Flow. If you want to work on your core and strength, you don’t want to miss Lisa’s Hot Pilates classes on Mon, Wed and Sat.


Starting the second week of May, I will add Aerial Play to our schedule for Saturday from 12:15pm to 1:15pm. This class is designed for students who wish to strengthen their core and upper body strength. Some prior experience with Aerial Yoga is a plus. Come out and fly with me and explore the freedom to move in space.


As summer months approach we are planning some special classes and adding some more classes to the schedule. You’ll want to continue to read forthcoming emails and check the website in June for the updated class schedules for other closings and class options coming soon.

As always, my gratitude to all who practice, teach, and live fully in the community of Cary Hot Yoga.



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