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We are all ONE!

We LOVE and APPRECIATE getting the opportunity to practice together! The energy in group practice is positive karma and reminds us together we are one. As a student of Cary Hot Yoga we kindly ask that you be respectful to others and adhere to the following policies so that all students may enjoy a positive, safe and effective class experience.

• Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early for set up.
• Always check-in at the front desk, even with online reservations please.
• Be mindful when entering the studio, please keep talking to a minimum in low voices.
• Please set aside the hour for yourself and plan to stay for the entire class.
• Share with the teacher at the front desk if you are new to class, if you have any injuries or medical conditions

What to Bring

• All students must have a yoga mat, a large towel or 2 bath-size towels and plenty of drinking water. All of the above can be rented or purchased at our front desk. Please NO Glass bottles.

What We Expect from you!

• Bring into the studio room your mat, towels and water only! Do not take personal belongings into the studio room, i.e. keys, bags, cell phones, shoes, jackets, etc. We provide cubbies for your personal belongings.
• If you are feeling light headed and need to leave, it is recommended that you attempt to stay in the room taking resting breaks until your body acclimates which can take up to 2-4 classes.
• Always leave the yoga room quietly and allow your fellow students to enjoy their final relaxation (Savasana) at the end of class.
• If you know when you arrive that you must leave early for a prior commitment, let the teacher know before class begins. The teacher will then create an opportunity for you to leave. Try not to make a habit of leaving early, as habits are hard to break!
• If you rent from us, please place all Yoga towels and mats in the laundry baskets provided.
• Please maintain tidiness while using changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms.
• Please do not leave your belongings behind. Lost and found is donated at the end of each month.

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Address: 972 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary NC
Phone: 888-587-9530

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