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We are all ONE!

We LOVE and APPRECIATE getting the opportunity to practice together! The energy in group practice is positive karma and reminds us together we are one. As a student of Cary Hot Yoga we kindly ask that you be respectful to others and adhere to the following policies so that all students may enjoy a positive, safe and effective class experience.

• Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early for set up.
• Always check-in at the front desk, even with online reservations please.
• Be mindful when entering the studio, please keep talking to a minimum in low voices.
• Please set aside the hour for yourself and plan to stay for the entire class.
• Share with the teacher at the front desk if you are new to class, if you have any injuries or medical conditions

What to Bring

• All students must have a yoga mat, a large towel or 2 bath-size towels and plenty of drinking water. All of the above can be rented or purchased at our front desk. Please NO Glass bottles.

What We Expect from you!

1. Remove Your Shoes – No outdoor shoes beyond our lobby area. Bear feet or socks in hot room and aerial room. If you don’t want to wear bear feet in the bathroom, please invest in a pair of indoor flip-flop (and please do not wear them out on the street).

2. Turn Off Your Cell Phone – Or simply don’t bring it into the room! If you expected important calls, please let our teacher know and put your phone on vibrate mode.

3. Arrive Early – This allows plenty of time to settle in, get centered, and prepare for practice. Unroll your mat quietly, so as not to disturb students who are already there. Our door need to be locked when class is in session. If you are late, please email or notify teacher. We allow for up to 5 minutes after class start.

4. Practice Cleanliness – Apply the yogic principle of saucha, which means “cleanliness” or “purity.” Personal hygiene is an integral part of practicing yoga. Ensure that you and your mat are clean before practice. Further, avoid heavy fragrances.

5. Wear dry and clean clothes for Aerial Class – If you take a hot class prior to aerial class, you must bring a fresh clean clothes. Shower, and change – blow dry your hair prior to taking aerial yoga class.

6. Keep the bathroom dry – Dry off your feet (or flip-flop) before exit your shower. Keep the bathroom floor dry. Make sure you thoroughly flush the toilette after each use.

7. Put Your Props Away Neatly After Class – If you’ve used blocks or straps, place them back the way you found them. Fold your blanket; don’t just drop it in a heap. If you borrowed a mat from the studio, wipe it down before replacing it. Better yet, bring your own mat!

8. Respect The Space – Practicing yoga in a group setting creates a sacred, safe zone. Observe silence before, during, and after practice. Allow room for other students to come in. Refrain from unnecessary talking, grunts, and moans. Do not chew gum — it’s distracting and unsafe. Never adjust the lights, fans, windows, or thermostat without permission.

9. Respect the Teacher’s Sequencing – Don’t do your own routine (except specific class when we encourage student to explore). Let your teacher know about any injuries or conditions (such as pregnancy) that might affect your practice. Your instructor will provide you with appropriate modifications. Otherwise, do not add to or skip poses in the sequence. Do not protest or argue with the teacher about a pose. Trust the process.

10. Honor Your Limits – Yoga is not a competition. There aren’t any prizes for poses. Your practice will be different every single day. If you reach the full expression of a pose, acknowledge it to yourself. Never force to hold or attain a pose. Ask for modifications and practice your moves with control.

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