cary hot yoga kids summer camp

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Yoga campers have fun contributing to nutrition discussions, selection, preparation, and recycling. Depending on the campers age and ability they will be able to play nutrition games, select ingredients and even help prepare the snacks and meals.

cary hot yoga kids summer camp

Develop Focus and Concentration

Yoga postures require balance, strength, technique and most importantly, concentration. Campers will practice yoga postures challenging their ability to concentrate and remained focused.

cary hot yoga kids summer camp

Cultivate Calming and Breath Control

Campers will practice both active and passive calming & breath control techniques. Practicing passive poses will set up the conditions that allow campers to gradually enter a relaxed and refreshing state. Practicing active poses will set up the environment where balance, flexibility, and strength will add additional challenges while remaining calm and steady.

cary hot yoga kids summer camp

Develop Strength & Conditioning

Different types of yoga will be taught throughout the day. Campers will learn strength & conditioning postures by practicing both active and passive postures from Ghosh, Vinyasa Flow, Aerial Yoga, and Yin Yoga.

cary hot yoga kids summer camp

Injury Preventing Techniques

Yoga encourages students to take inventory of their body as they practice. During a sequence of postures campers are encouraged to become aware of how their body reacts and feels when practicing different postures from their toes to fingertips. How the body responds will vary depending on individuals’ abilities to balance, stretch and maintain postures. Discussions will be held prior, during, and after postures are performed.

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