Owner & Director

M.S. in Electrical Engineering – Syracuse University
Lockheed Martin Advanced Course in Engineering
General Electric Edison Engineering Program
B.S. in Physics – Utica College

15 years as Lead Engineer in Defense Business: General Electric, Lockheed Martin
6 years as Director of Marketing: Prime Interactive, Inc.
Owner & Director: Cary Hot Yoga

Bikram Certified Instructor
Tony Sanchez Master Core Certified
Unnata Aerial Yoga Certified

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Teacher – Bikram Certified Instructor

From the moment he enters the room, you can sense Adrian’s strong confidence and you can borrow from it throughout the whole class. Even if you walked in to the studio feeling tired, unmotivated, or intimidated; you will leave the studio with boosted self-confidence and and new found inner-strength.

Catch Adrian in various Bikram 90 and 60 minutes classes starting this week!


RYT 200 Hour RYT Rocket Vinyasa Certified

Quinn has been practicing yoga for almost a decade. Her style of yoga is rooted in the Ashtanga yoga tradition. She is certified to teach Vinyasa and Rocket as she completed her RYT 200 hour yoga teaching training in Washington, DC with Yoga District and Rocket yoga training with the Mula Bandha King: David Kyle. She is currently working towards her RYT 500 hour with Progressive Ashtanga.

Her classes consist of high energy, strong flows, and lots of creativity and fun. Connecting the body to breath and bandhas is a strong point in her classes. She is drawn do the awakening and healing nature of yoga and loves to share this with others. Always with a smile on her face, you’ll receive immense love, encouragement, and happiness.

If you’re looking for a strong and synchronized experience, then you will love Quinn’s class. Just when your face is scrunched up, you feel out of breath, and you want to give up, Quinn will hit you with another dose of positivity to keep you going! With Quinn you will feel a genuine desire to give your best effort in class. When you give your best effort in class, you get the best results in your life!


Bishnu Ghosh Theraputic Yoga, Herbalist, Bodywork Therapist, Artist

I always begin my personal practice with a very simple but effective mantra, “love and gratitude”. There is no greater way to spend your life’s moments than by sharing the gifts of non-judgment, acceptance and love with yourself and with others. I have maintained a dedicated yoga practice for my entire adult life including throughout two pregnancies; I have also practiced some form of yoga or movement since I was a small child. I am a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, herbalist, yoga instructor and a working artist. I’ve only just begun teaching after so many years of dedicated practice, because I realized that it is hugely important that I share my deep understanding of biomechanics, therapeutic movement and holistic practices with other students and anyone who wants to understand more about living a life free of physical pain and injury.