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Beginner Ghosh’s Yoga
Fluidity, Adaptability, Power, Strength.
The Warm-60 consists of 30+ Bishnu Ghosh’s 84 Asanas based on Tony Sanchez’s method. This series is an invigorating, refreshing and uplifting class consisting of 30 plus dynamic postures of Bishnu Ghosh’s 84 asanas. In addition to traditional asanas, breath control is emphasized in this series. Breathing is one of the most important elements–some would argue that it’s the most important element–of a yoga practice, but for many of us, it is among the hardest to master. This class will improve your balance, core & strength to energize, engage and enlighten because anything is possible! This series is performed in a room at 95 degrees F and 30% humidity with 60 minutes duration. It is great for beginners and experienced practitioners who do not wish to practice in hot heat.
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Bikram Intermediate – Ghosh’s Yoga
Dynamic, Strength, Creativity.
The Warm-90 consists of 40+ Bishnu Ghosh’s 84 Asanas based on Tony Sanchez’s method. This is a whole body work-out and work-in. This series will encourage you to explore your ability to cultivate your intention in the warm up series as you move to build your focus and alignment in the balancing series. The sequence progresses to the floor: strengthening the spine, opening the hips and stretching the whole body while strengthening the abdominals. This sequence is recommended for intermediate level practitioners who are already familiar with the Core-30 sequence. The sequence will complement any daily yoga practice and at the same time will help you bring more awareness to your alignment, weight distribution and breathe control. This series is performed in a room at 95 degrees F and 30% humidity with 90 minutes duration.
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Warm Vinyasa Flow
Our Warm Vinyasa Flow class is designed with the intention of offering a middle-ground between our uber-sweaty, heated vinyasa and our non-heated class by setting temperature to a comfortably warm 75-80 degrees. You can expect all of the same elements that you receive in our other signature hot Vinyasa classes- an inventive and vigorous flowing of postures guided by deep and steady breath, along with the added ingredient of a glistening, purifying sweat. This is the perfect class for those looking to transition into a warmer environment or those who are just looking to achieve an enhanced sweat.
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Bishnu Ghosh 84 Asanas
84 Classic Asanas. Bishnu Ghosh lineage. This is where Bikram’s 26 postures originated from. This class is filled with 84 postures including inversions, arm balances, and the basic 26 postures too. The teacher does the postures with the class and there is a lot more stop and go than in the beginners series. We play a lot. Class designed for Intermediate to Advanced practitioners by invitation only (Ability to cross legs in lotus is recommended).
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