We offer heated yoga classes, heated Pilates classes, non heated classes, and Aerial Yoga classes

First, check out our DAILY SCHEDULE select the class which you wish to attend and pre-register for class on line.
Come at least 20 minutes early for your first class. For sub-sequence class, ten minutes prior to class is recommended. For security, our door is locked during class session. Latecomers will not be admitted!

PARKING – We share a HUGE parking lot with Food Lion and Carolina Pottery. We guarantee, you always find good parking space when you come to class!

All of our classes are performed with barefoot. Please make sure that your feet are clean. Take off your shoes and place them in the cubies in the lobby. No shoes nor flip-flop beyond the reception area.

For all heated classes such as hot BIKRAM, HOT Pilates, please prepare to bring a sticky mat, a towel to place on top of your mat (you will sweat buckets of water!) Wear comfortable clothes such as running shorts, yoga shorts, tank tops, sport bras. NO speedo swimwear please! Hydrate yourself a couple hours before class. Retain from eating a minimum of two hours before class time. Bring a bottle of water. It is best to invest in a water bottle with large mouth. We have ice machine which you can fill up for free.

For Aerial Yoga, wear long pants and a T-shirts (make sure your arm-pits are covered). Remove all jewelries. Also, please do not wear heavy perfume when you come to Aerial Yoga. If you take Aerial Yoga after a heated class, it is required that you take a quick shower and change to dry clothes.

We have showers! And nice spacious bathrooms to change in and store your extra stuff. Please not that our front door must be locked for security while class is in session. Thus, please limit your shower time to a maximum of 15 minutes. Women and men rooms are closed half hour after class. Please keep your grooming efficient.

We rent yoga mats, yoga towels and shower towels.

All forms of payment are accepted.

Come to class with open heart and open mind!

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