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Winter is a great time to get back (or maintain) your great shape. You don’t need Expensive Personal Coach or joining crowded gym to get into your best shape. Join Cary Hot Yoga now for a challenging 4-week weight loss program that is designed to get great results. By doing vigorous yoga, hot Pilates, and restorative classes five days a week for four weeks straight, you WILL see a difference in your physique and WILL lose weight.

What are the benefits?

• Detoxification: Sweating on a regular basis allows the body to cleanse itself and release harmful toxins and waste from the skin. When you sweat your capillaries expand, helping the body dissolve all those hidden toxins lying deep under your skin.
• Immunity boost: Viruses cannot survive in high temperatures so increasing the body’s core temperature helps fight off infections, which are pushed out through sweat.
• Healthy connective tissue: Hot Yoga and Pilate’s open the body’s connective tissues helping the muscles get in to more strenuous postures and positions.
• Weight Loss: Consistent practice of Hot Yoga and Pilates will result in weight loss because stretching deeper helps to build more muscle, which in turn burns more fatty acids and breaks down glucose

Sign up now, we will design the schedule for you. Minimum five days per week for a minimum of four consecutive weeks. These classes are vigorous and will build strength and definition in every muscle group in your body.

Sign up now. Minimum 4 weeks commitment is recommended. Send email to or call our number at 888-587-9530 and set up your appointment today!