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Studio logoKate - Lead Teacher for Vinyasa Flow

Kate began practicing yoga in 1999 hoping to reap physical benefits of an asana practice. Since then it has become a journey of exploration that extends beyond the physical toward the discovery of how the practice of yoga impacts all facets of life. Kate received her teacher certification through AFPA and began teaching in 2003. Since then, she went on to complete her RYT 200 through Studio DC in our nation’s capital. It is her philosophy that yoga can be a powerful tool for both restoring and improving health as well as providing a means for self-discovery. With over twelve years of teaching experience she endeavors to bring to her classes the passion, joy and skill that she herself continues to cultivate through her own practice.

Kate offers beginner to advanced vinyasa flow classes with focus on breath, alignment and movement. Classes are formatted to develop strength and agility in order to achieve a variety of ever changing peak postures.

Outside of instructing yoga classes, Kate is a Realtor with ProTrust Realty in Cary, NC and a dedicated artist. Her work has been exhibited throughout the east coast and she has received numerous awards for her allegorical paintings. She is currently finishing a series of paintings representing the “Seven Deadly Sins”.


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