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A non-verbal, heart-opening journey into an altered state of consciousness. A place beyond thought where we can express ourselves freely, connecting intimately with ourselves and each other surrendering to the great dance. Powerful music will guide our bodies gently into movement, gradually building the energy beyond our perceived physical and mental limits. An exciting and sometimes challenging place to be only from here can we enter a divine state of grace, stillness and peace.

If you put music on, young children move to the music – it’s universal. It’s natural. Something gets in the way of that or there is something that happens that shuts adults down. We get embarrassed or we get some kind of negative feedback and suddenly we don’t want to dance anymore.


The term ‘Ecstatic Dance’ was first used to describe this particular dance format in 2001. The original Founder, Max ‘Fathom’, was a Volunteer at the Non-For-Profit Company, Kalani Honua, in Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii. Ecstatic Dance at Kalani Honua was a ‘community created’ event until 2009. Originally, it was spelled ‘Ex-Static Dance’ and eventually was known by either spelling as the same event.

In 2009, management of Kalani Honua, took de facto ownership of the event by terminating the agreement which allowed the Founders to host the event at that location. After diligent effort, due to insufficient alternative locations for the event, the founders of Ecstatic Dance disbanded. Kalani Honua continued to host an event, called ‘Ecstatic Sun Dance’, at the same times and location as the previous Ecstatic Dance events. The event differed from the original Ecstatic Dance as it did not follow the Format or Guidelines. Eventually, management of Kalani Honua dropped the ‘Sun’ in the title ‘Ecstatic Sun Dance’ and co-opted the name ‘Ecstatic Dance’ for those events. Today, by overwhelming volunteer support by Puna community members, Ecstatic Dance at Kalani Honua has much of its original character.
In 2005, Gabrielle Roth’s guided dance practice was released as a video series titled, The Ecstatic Dance.

In 2008, Tyler Blank and Donna Carrol co-founded an Ecstatic Dance in Oakland, California. Largely due to the central location and popularity of the Oakland based Ecstatic Dance, Ecstatic Dance has spread around the world.


Ecstatic Dance events inspired by the original have a particular format composed of 5 parts.
Warmup (Music)
Opening Circle with Guidelines
Program (Music)
Closing Circle and Share-Back


Ecstatic Dance is collectively created by attendees adhering several ‘Guidelines’. There are no ‘rules’, per se, only ‘guidelines’; Facilitators attempt to be as inclusive as possible, dealing with those who don’t follow the guidelines with patience and respect.
Sign in and commit to being self-liable
Make a contribution
Keep the space ‘talk free’ (and camera free)
Take care of yourself and each other
Take care of the space
No drugs, no alcohol, no shoes

Use your intuition to move and treat yourself and other movers in the space as sacred. You may dance with others or on your own. If you don’t want to dance with someone, simply place your hands in prayer to communicate this.

Now you can experience Ecstatic Dance Party at Cary Hot Yoga.


Entry FEE – $10/person


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