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How Practicing Yoga can Affect the Way We Age

Research over the past thirty years has shown that the practice of yoga and meditation, and clean diet and lifestyle, can greatly reduce the fraying of telomeres, the part of our DNA that is related to aging.
Aging experts nearly universally believe that exercise just might be the proverbial silver bullet when it comes to preventing the infirmity and disease that is too often the hallmark of our later years. While you can reap the benefits of physical activity at any age, the best time to start is right now. The earlier you integrate healthy behavior patterns into your life, the easier it is to continue it as you grow older.
Exercise is crucial in aging. Exercise can actually reverse many of the changes of aging. It improves muscle power, endurance, and reaction time. It increases bone density and improves posture. Exercise is a natural antidepressant and mood elevator.
You can’t live forever, but you can live well, reduce arthritic pain, maintain your mobility, help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, and minimize the limitations of aging far into your senior years. Practicing Yoga can do all that. This is especially important as the population of seniors grows. Here’s what the newest research tells us:
• Regular yoga practice decreases the likelihood of developing arthritis-related disabilities.
• Men and women — aged 65 years and older — who practice yoga regularly have a lower risk of losing mobility.
• Brain function improved for older women who practice yoga a minimum two times per week.
• The fitter you are, the lower the risk of brain function decline.
• Active women aged 54 to 79 years have a 30% less chance of suffering from incontinence than less active women.
• Yoga can significantly reduce arthritis pain in older women.
• Working out for as little as 15 minutes three days a week reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s by 40%.
• Regular yoga practice reduces mortality rates by 25% to 33% and increases life expectancy by 1 to 2 years by age 80.
• Fit men have one-third the risk of death from a heart disease.
• Unfit men have a 39% risk of death from cardiovascular disease and 44% risk of all-cause mortality.
• Vigorous physical activity reduces the risk of dying by 6% to 9%.
• Fit people have a death rate four times lower than the unfit.
If we want to create lasting habits of health, wellness, happiness, and longevity, all we have to do is support the synaptic connections that will fix those habits as part of who we are. How do we do that? Not only by making choices and setting intentions and goals, but also by identifying what is truly important in our lives and making those things our priority, and consciously remembering those priorities when it comes to decision making.
So next time when you find yourself making excuses: I don’t have enough time, I’m too tired, My family needs me, I have too many other things to do, I’m not flexible, I’m too old (or too young)…remember these wonderful benefits of yoga. If you can’t possibly make time for yoga, chances are you’re living a pretty high stress life. You could probably benefit from taking an hour to calm your mind, take the tension out of your shoulders, and to practice gratitude for the great things in your life. Hey, wait a minute… that sounds an awful lot like yoga!

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