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yoga news in september


This is a 1 and 1/2 hour workshop where the student will be taught the fundamental components of aerial yoga in a relaxed & fun learning environment. The student will experience yoga asanas (poses) on the mat as well as how they are expressed while in the aerial hammock. The workshop format allows students to practice the “basics” necessary to move into poses (wrist wraps, foot-locks, ribs hang, hip hang, back straddle etc.) and explore this unique style of movement.

Aerial Yoga combines traditional mat yoga with postures suspended in soft fabric hammocks. With the help of gravity and the hammocks, we can playfully explore floating, fluid movements and create space in our bodies without compressing our joints and spine. With practice, the feeling in the body is exquisite. The silky hammocks are a special high-density nylon that can hold over 3000 pounds each.

12 Spots Available
2 Sessions

Cost: $40
Date: Oct 29th from 1:00pm to 2:30pm Click HERE to Pre-Register Only 11 slots available.

yoga news in september


Starting in Autumn, avid health minded women and men of the Triangle Area begin to seek other physical activities including yoga as a means to cross-train and enhance physically. But we find that once they get into the hot yoga room, the experience can be enlightening and even transformative.
To help you and your friends get started, we offer two great classes on Friday with easy $10 Drop-Ins or regular membership.

Friday 9:00 am Bikram-90
Friday 6:30 pm Bikram-60

This offers won’t last long! So take advantage of these classes. In addition, Cary Hot Yoga has great start-up packages, including, but not limited to: $20 for 7 Days of Yoga or $75 for one whole month of unlimited classes for Local Residents.

yoga news in september


Two great ways to grow your yoga karma and some extra credit:

Refer any new student in September and receive $5 studio credit! You can refer a new student to sign up for 7 consecutive days for $20 or $75 for a one month unlimited yoga and receive $5 credit to your next purchase! Make sure they mention your name on the registration form.

Additionally, it is important for us to continue to enhance our yoga community presence. For all existing customers who think our yoga center is great/amazing/ fantastic, please take a couple of minutes to show your appreciation and log in to Facebook, Google Plus and Yelp to write us a 5 star review: GOOGLE PLUS | YELP | FACE BOOK . You can find us by clicking the link or entering ‘Cary Hot Yoga’ in Cary. Please email info@caryhotyoga.com to let us know.

These are great ways to share the Cary Hot Yoga lifestyle to help our families, friends and others; sharing health, fitness and well-being with our community. Thank you!

yoga news in september


These new clinic-style classes are designed to introduce posture fundamentals for beginning new students. In this slower paced one-hour class you will be gently walked through the series with patient and concise instruction & demonstration.
48 hours online pre-registration is required to secure your spot. The Intro to Yoga classes are for beginning new students only.

This class combines the basics of form-based alignment principles with an introduction to vinyasa flow techniques. You will learn how to practice individual poses as well as how to link two or more poses together with safe and fun transitions to unify your body, mind, and breath. The intro class includes clear and detailed instructions to establish good practice habits.
Both new and experienced students are welcome.

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