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Living the Eight Limbs of Yoga: September is a good month for Self Study – The fourth of the NiYamas – Svadhyaya.

For most of us, Svadhyaya starts on the mat. We begin to study ourselves as we practice asana: our thoughts, our emotions, our reactions, our habits and our intentions.

Then we see how this is a mirror of the patterns in our everyday life. Observing is the first step in transformation. Progression in self-awareness is the ability to quickly catch negative thoughts, emotions and actions and to act skillfully, and with kindness and humor, in transforming into positive states.

What does Svadhyaya mean to you – on and off the mat? Join us and take the month of September to focus on Self Study.

pampered yoga


The kids are back to school. Now, it’s time to focus on YOU. Join us for a new class this September. Yes, we named it Pampered Bikram Yoga. It’s a 60 minutes BIKRAM followed by ten minutes of relaxation. Temperature will set to 100F. Great for beginners! We will provide cool lavender towel for Savasanas. Our massage therapist will come around and provide you some head, neck and shoulders massage during final Savasanas.

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Starting in September, you have option of bringing your kids to practice yoga together on Tuesday at 9:30am. Join Quinn for a 60 minutes All Level Vinyasa Flow.

Kids must be 5 years or older and able to follow instruction.
Parents – regular membership price.
Kids – FREE!

private yoga lesson


Have you considered a Private Session? It could make a big difference. An invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience, private yoga lessons can answer questions, instill confidence, provide guidance, and help you deepen your practice. Tailored specifically for you, these sessions provide the perfect setting to address areas of specific interest and set individual goals.
Click HERE to find out more about pricing

heat shock proteins


This September, we want to honor Nancy Graybill as our Student-Of-The -Month. We’ve enjoyed watching Nancy’s practice evolve and revolve while recovering from her injury. She went from using the bare for balancing, to standing steady on her own to beautiful and steady standing head to knee and standing bow in the One-Legged-Series in Bikram class. Building strength, flexibility and confident!

Thank you Nancy for making Cary Hot Yoga your home, and for sharing your love for yoga with us!

Click HEREto learn more about Nancy’s Yoga’s journey.

yoga weight loss program


Fall is a great time to get back (or maintain) your great shape. You don’t need Expensive Personal Coach or joining crowded gym to get into your best shape. Join Cary Hot Yoga now for a challenging 4-week weight loss program that is designed to get great results. By doing vigorous yoga, hot Pilates, and restorative classes five days a week for four weeks straight, you WILL see a difference in your physique and WILL lose weight.

Learn how to participate in Cary Hot Yoga’s four week weight loss program.
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