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Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga offers authentic yoga, with the support of a soft, aerial fabric hammock — to explore, refine, and advance traditional asana, both in the air and on the ground. Forget flips, tricks, and gimmicks — Aerial Yoga offers authentic yoga, and works with gravity to relax and realign the body, center the mind, uplift the spirit. You’ll get a ‘yoga high’ by deepening your practice: experience physical release, refined strength, energetic flow, and heightened awareness of breath, body and bandhas. Newcomers learn practical postural fundamentals while discovering how yoga enlightens your life. Read more About Aerial Yoga

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Un-heated Vinyasa Flow
Start or develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice. This traditional Vinyasa class explores basic to intermediate level yoga postures, alignment, and breathing techniques. No experience or flexibility requirement. Get ready to move, be challenged, and have fun! Students flow from pose to pose – utilizing the principles of alignment, personal awareness and breath. This class is unheated and is appropriate for all students- beginners to seasoned practitioners.

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Core-30 – Tony Sanchez Method
The Core 30 series can also done in un-heated room. This series is an invigorating, refreshing and uplifting class consisting of 30 plus dynamic postures of Bishnu Ghosh’s 84 asanas. In addition to traditional asanas, breath control is emphasized in this series. Breathing is one of the most important elements–some would argue that it’s the most important element–of a yoga practice, but for many of us, it is among the hardest to master. This class will improve your balance, core & strength to energize, engage and enlighten because anything is possible! This series is performed in a room at 95 degrees F and 30% humidity with 60 minutes duration. It is great for beginners and experienced practitioners who do not wish to practice in hot heat.

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Barre Fusion
Barre Fusion incorporates strength training with yoga, pilates and ballet-inspired barre exercises, resulting in stronger, longer and leaner muscles. This challenging workout targets the thighs, butt, abdominal, back and arms. This series is performed in a room at 85-90 degrees F and 20% humidity with 60 minutes duration.

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QiGong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qigong (Chi Kung) is made up of two Chinese words. Qi is pronounced chee and is usually translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe.
The second word, Gong, pronounced gung, means accomplishment, or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Together, QiGong (Chi Kung) means cultivating energy. It is a system practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality. The gentle, rhythmic movements of QiGong reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions.
Anyone can enrich their lives by adding QiGong to their practice. Children learning to channel their energy and develop increased concentration; Office workers learning QiGong to reduce stress; Seniors participating in gentle movements to enhance balance and their quality of life; Caregivers embracing a practice to develop their ability to help others; Athletes practicing QiGong to strengthen ligaments and muscles as well as improve heart function and blood circulation.

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QiGong and Yoga Fusion for Beginners
This class includes QiGong and basic Yoga Standing and Floor postures. This class is designed for beginners. Each posture is broken down by step-by-step instruction. This class offers in depth instruction in a wide variety of popular postures which will deepen your practice and enhance your enjoyment of any other class that involves these movements.

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