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August 2017 – Student of the Month – Dea Tancharoen

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Growing up in a Buddhist family, practicing the spiritual and mental disciplines of yoga have always been major parts of my life as the teaching of yoga presents in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. However, I did not begin practicing the asanas until 2006. At the time, my work life consumed me and my life was completely out of balance. I was overworked, overeating, and overstressed.

I was working as a Strategic Consultant in Bangkok, Thailand. On average, I worked around 80 to 100 hours a week. I barely slept or did anything else. It was my first job and I was young. All I wanted was to excel at my work, and to earn more and more and more. I did not realize that I was, in fact, having less and less—less time for friends and family, less sleep, less nutrition, and less spiritual connection with myself.
I started to go to yoga class in the morning before work. Although I did not have much sleep the night before, I felt better during the day after the class. It was only in that 90 mins that I felt the time was completely mine. Those 90 minutes were the only time out of my 12-16 hour workday that I had for myself—to exercise, to breathe, and to meditate on me… for me. I began to make time for more classes. My health gradually improved, and I started to see significant changes in both physical and mental health.

Occasionally, I would do Vinyasa flow or try other styles of yoga; but I normally practice Bikram style yoga. I was so happy when I heard that Hoa was about to open a studio in Cary. I counted the days waiting for the studio to be opened. The studio was worth waiting for! Cary Hot Yoga is an amazing studio. It is beautiful, clean, spacious, and sophisticated. The hot room is one of the best hot rooms I have ever been in. I love CHY community. People here are kind and supportive. Hoa is a great teacher who loves to teach, provide tailored advice, identify individual students’ challenges, and continuously educate herself: all the most important characters of being a teacher. You can find me here at least 5 times a week. I just love this place!

My favorite posture is currently Rabbit or any spine stretching postures. I could feel the vertebrates stretching in Rabbit. Especially after a good Camel, I could feel warm blood rushing through my veins along my spine. It feels wonderful. My most challenging posture is Savasana. Some people find this answer surprising. As for me, Savasana is the most difficult posture to improve and maintain. I feel that I can improve other postures when my flexibility and endurance improve; but in Savasana, it is almost all mental. To give in to a complete relaxation is difficult. The mind fluctuates depending on my moods, my practices, my physical condition on that day, or my memories that come up in my mind in that moment. Having true Savasana is the most challenging thing for me.

I love to travel and experience new cultures, new languages, new foods, and new people. I also love outdoor activities, cooking, gardening, running, arts and drawing. When I am off the mat, you may still find me here at CHY. I am working hard to become a yoga teacher for Bikram style yoga. I also will start the aerial yoga teacher training with Hoa in August. In September, I am hoping to begin my volunteer work with The Center for Volunteer Caregiving to take care of the seniors in our community. I am excited to begin this journey and new experiences! Other than classes, I usually spend time with my Shiba Inu pup, Makkuro, and my husband, Jimmy. Makkuro and I spend a lot of time together at Harenhaus K-9 Dog-and-Handler Training where we enjoy playdates with Aipa, a cadaver K-9. Makkuro’s favorite sport is Nosework, a mentally challenging yet relaxing activity with many of the same benefits as my yoga practice.

What is one tip you would give to a new student that has never tried a class at Cary Hot Yoga? Walk in and try it! The teachers, the studio, the classes, and the community we have here are incredible. Be hydrated, and be present! Let this be your gift to yourself.