Yoga & Your Health

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Yoga & Your Health

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Almost ten years ago, I remember watching Diane Sawyer special report “A Hidden America: Children of the Plains”. She did an in-depth report and the young dreamers and survivors of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She put up a picture of the tribe ancestor (what they look years ago), against what their children look now. They looked like they came from different species. Last Friday, I watched Bill Maher on HBO. He shared a recent anecdote about watching vintage footage of the Apollo 11 mission and getting a jolting insight when the camera panned over a gathered crowd and showed how “un-fat” the American public of 1969 looked. “We look like a completely different race of people,” Maher said. “Now look at us. We wear our ancestors could have used as a sail.”

I can related to his concern. Four years into the yoga business, I learn that it is so difficult to get people to commit to a healthy habit. Not only we eat huge portion, bad calories, we also do not want to do any activities on the regular basis to benefits our health. Many of us just “stop by” once-in-a-while to take a yoga class or two. Then we complain that it is too hot, too hard, too time consuming… and we stop coming period.

Preventative habits such as regular yoga practice are important in maintaining good health because they help us avoid illness or injury and lead to an improved quality of life. Healthy preventative habits are a defense against many chronic illnesses and can result in a prolonged lifespan. Regular yoga practice offers several health benefits, including strengthening the bones, heart and lungs. Practicing yoga can also improve vitality, relieve depression and improve quality of sleep.

If you are thinking about the higher cost of unlimited yoga studio membership, then rest assured that you will get more than your money’s worth. It the long run, it will be more economical than a one-session membership. T.H.I.N.K. It’s your life. Opt for ‘auto membership’ and you get to make the most of the unlimited yoga classes.


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